From our customers...


"Tropic Tool & Mold has supplied high quality molds to Atrion Medical Products, Inc. for over 25 years. During this time, they have supplied AMP with a variety of molds ranging from single cavity prototypes to highly complex hot runner equipped, valve gated, multi-cavity production molds. Engineering support for initial mold layout and recommendations for component revisions for moldability have demonstrated the depth of their tooling knowledge.  The molds normally exceed our expectations for quality and typically run acceptable parts from the very first sampling. AMP is currently running molds that were built by Tropic Tool & Mold that have in excess of 16 million shots. Customer service from Tropic has always been second to none."

Michael V. Parcus
Director of Operations
Atrion Medical Products, Inc.

"I've been working with Tropic Tool and Mold for 20 years, building new tools and repairs. Professionalism is always at the forefront when working on a project, beginning with the GM all the way to the tool makers in the shop. Tropic's quality workmanship, design capabilities and willingness to stand behind their work and meet tight schedules is at the top of the class. Production tools still producing quality parts for 20 years in this industry is a true sign of, You get what you pay for."

Larry Cooper
Ricoh Electronics, Inc.
Molding Engineering Group

"In my many years of experience as an Industrial designer , I have encountered less than a handful of really competent and trustworthy tool and die firms, one that you know will do it right and stand behind their work and their end product, Tropic Tool & Mold is that one firm that you can rely on to do the job and to do it right every time. Their professionalism and competence should be an example to the Industry. Regardless of the complexity of the mold, or the number of parts, rest assured they will get it done. Reasonably and on time!"

Jay Cerola

"Tropic Tool has been my "go-to" tool shop for over 15 years.  Their expertise, attention to detail and ability to immediately test new and modified tooling onsite has consistently allowed me to plan time-to-market cycles for both new components and tooling upgrades with the highest degree of confidence.  Tropic also helps customers to reduce costs.  When challenged with creating tooling for complex part designs, such as for a single part that can replace multiple parts, Tropic will work closely with customers to adjust the part design and assure that a highly robust tool results."


Glenn Kanner, VP Development and Manufacturing, Rinovum Women's Health, LLC